This is my progress screenshot

Clearly there is a lot I need to add in terms of more images, there is not meant to be this repetition of images but I thought for the progress shot it gave a better idea of what I’m planning to achieve.

I also need to work on dulling down the background image so that the plants stand out more.Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.37.04 pm



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  1. I checked out all of your posts just to really understand what you’re meaning to portray here – And I think so far its looking good! From first glance I could already tell the relation with your chosen idea, which means you’re on the right track. I don’t know how you’ll approach editing or colours but I think an image like this could go well with a bright tone or tint that could also help to make the plants and buildings merge well. Can’t wait to see the final product 🙂 *thumbs up*


  2. Hey there Libby! I’ve had a look at your article and I think your idea is a perfect representation of what the article is trying to communicate! Maybe something to improve on for your final image is to adjust the sky on Photoshop, by changing the colour and brightness!


  3. First of all, nice idea!
    But the technical aspects need a lot of polishing, judging by the work in progress image posted here.
    Look for lighting effects on the added elements: how the light should fall, how this casts shadows and so on.
    Also, the background image seems to be just a tiny bit overexposed around the sky – a common issue with this type of light conditions. You will have to deal with this in some way, mask it somehow.
    And remember, for incoherent elements, photo filters are your best friends!


  4. This is looking really good and i like seeing your advancement and experimenting with photo manipulation! I like the contrast of the vibrant green and the solemn grey of the buildings. It could be effective to emphasize this! Using contrast colours and layout could be beneficial and striking but I find this idea and juxtaposition intriguing to be visually represented. Good luck!


  5. Looking through all your posts, I really like the progress you have made with this and you’ve chosen such a interesting idea!
    Your communication objective is effectively portrayed in this progress post
    I think making the buildings less saturated and making the plants more vibrant would really work well.
    You might also need to tweak the levels of the sky a bit to make it look less over-exposed.


  6. This looks really good so far, your photoshop skills are really showing through as the editing looks great. One thing I would say as you keep editing it, is to work on the colours, and the variety of colours within the image as at the moment the colour palette seems a little limited. But other than that its looking really good and I can really see how your representing your article.


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